Flame Boss 200 with Grill Girl

Grill Girl shares Flame Boss 200 smoker controller with WiFi. A Kamado version fits Big Green Egg and other kamado style grills and a Universal version fits Weber Smokey Mountain and many other backyard and competition smokers.

Flame Boss 200 WiFi Kamado & Universal – Smoker Temperature Control

We hacked a Weber Kettle to use it with Flame Boss 200-WiFi for low and slow BBQ. We smoked a Boston Butt for pulled pork.

Flame Boss Smoker Controller on Big Green Egg & Weber Smokey Mountain

Grill Girl shows how easy it is to install a Flame Boss smoker controller on a Big Green Egg and a Weber Smokey Mountain.

Flame Boss Smoker 100 Smoker Controller Introduction

How does a smoker controller regulate a charcoal smoker temperature? Grill Girl shows how a Flame Boss controls the temperature of Big Green Egg.

Amazon Echo with the Flame Boss 200

Introducing Amazon Alexa Skills for voice control of the Flame Boss 200.