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Flame Boss Ambassadors

Flame Boss Fans far and wide love to compete, and win, with precision on their side.

  • 7 Sins BBQ

    7 SINS BBQ

    Jesse Collett

    Accomplishments: GC Smokin in the hills
    California BBQ Association- 6th chicken, 10th Ribs, 9th Brisket
    Member of Team Flame Boss for 4 years

  • BBQ Nerds

    BBQ Nerds

    Anna and Matt Seguin

    Eggfest Eggsperts
    Central Florida Fall Eggfest 2019
    Chain of Lakes Eggfest 2019, 2021
    Florida Gulf Coast Eggfest (spring and fall – all of them so far)
    Georgia Mountain Eggfest 2021

  • BBQ Pit King Team

    BBQ Pit King Team

    Doug Hepner

    Certified KCBS Judge #78506
    SCA Steak Judge

  • Bearded Monkeys Twisted Q

    Bearded Monkeys Twisted Q

    David Patterson

    Flame Boss Ambassador for 2 years
    2022 Poosa Q Grand Champion
    2021 FBA comps (5 comps)
    1 RGC / 3 category wins / 7 top 3 finishes in categories / 2 top 10 finishes overall
    Work with Flame Boss on Demo’s including Eggfests.
    Always looking for new and unique ways to cook food… Using my Flame Boss gives me that much more confidence while I cook, that is priceless!

  • James Cruse

    Bluff City Smokers

    James Cruse

    2022 Contestant on Food Network’s “BBQ Brawl”
    2022 Memphis in May Ribs 2nd place
    2021 Memphis in May Ribs World Champion
    2021 Memphis in May Reserve Grand Champion
    2020 Whole Hog National Champion
    30+ Grand Championships

  • Burnin and Lootin BBQ

    Burnin and Lootin BBQ

    Jerry and Lupe Aguilar

    2021 SCA World Steak Championship Finalist
    2019 California Barbecue Association Team of the Year

  • Cook the Books BBQ

    Philippe Gaudet

    Nova Scotia

    2 time Atlantic Canada BBQ Champion
    2023 Atlantic Canada Team of the year
    180 at the American Royal in dessert
    Team member of back to back top 10s in whole hog at Memphis in May with Stephen Perrin at Rusty’s Smoke BBQ

  • Cooters N Smoke

    Cooters N Smoke

    Daniel & Samanatha Tomlinson and Kenny Shiflett

    Florida BBQ Assoc. 2021 Top 10 Team of the Year

  • Craig Tabor

    Craig Tabor

    Suwanee, GA

    Flame Boss Ambassador for years
    Award Winning Grilling Cookbook Author
    World Food Championships Competitor
    Owner of Playing with Fire BBQ Emporium

  • Creekside Smokers

    Creekside Smokers

    Joel Abee

    RGC Mountain High BBQ Festival 2017
    GC 2016 and 2017 Cooking For The Kids BBQ Festival, Waynesville NC
    5 first place meat category winners, 49 top 10 calls.
    13 top 10 overall finishes in 45 total events since 2016
    2021 Finished 6th overall in chicken and 7th in ribs overall in KCBS 10 event category. 
    18 top 10 and 8 top 5 category calls.

  • Wally BBQ

    Dany Tremblay

    Dany Tremblay

    Quebec, Canada

    5th in bbq @ WFC in 2017
    2nd best intl team @ American Royal in 2018
    1st in KCBS TOY Brisket in 2018 (int’l ranking)
    Original Canadian Ambassador for Flame Boss in Canada

  • VooDoo Chef

    Erik Youngs, VooDoo Chef


    35 Years Culinary Experience
    24 Years Culinary Educator
    Creator of the VooDoo Chef Brand of Sauces and Seasonings
    CEO VooDoo Chef Foundation
    Member KCBS
    Member ACF

  • John’s Twisted Q

    John’s Twisted Q

    KCBS Calls include: 1st place, 1st place ribs, 1st place pork, and many top 5 Brisket calls.
    Won numerous people’s choice wing and rib competitions.
    Recently started competing in the SCA.

  • Keepin it Smokin

    Keepin it Smokin

    2020 – FBA – Backyard Team Of The Year
    FBA – Pro Team 2021
    Multiple Pro RGCs in 2021

  • Magic Creek BBQ

    Magic Creek BBQ


    Magic Creek BBQ is a professional bbq team competing in the Sweden national championship.
    Kamado Sumo ambassadors
    2019 – Placed #1 vegetarian dish, #3 chicken, and #4 pork shoulder.
    2022 – Placed #2 pork shoulder, #5 chicken
    Also does catering and events and has a line of their own sauces and BBQ rubs.

  • Not So Famous Dave’s BBQ

    Not So Famous Dave’s BBQ

    Dave Goss

    2021 Awards:
    5th Chicken – NJ State BBQ Championship
    1st Ribs – BBQ Jamboree, Fredericksburg VA -10th Overall
    2nd Brisket – Twin Valley Fire and Smoke
    3rd Ribs / 7th Brisket – Interstate BBQ Festival – 5th Overall

  • Josh Farley

    Piggin’ Whiskey O.G.

    Josh Farley

  • Brant Williams

    Piggin’ Whiskey

    Brant Williams

  • Poppa-Q-BBQ

    Joe Gogan and Dave Karch

    New Jersey

    Sponsored by Flame Boss for over 5 years
    2nd place rib call at the NJ State BBQ Championship with a 3rd place Brisket
    Finished 5th overall in 2019 in New Castle DE.

  • Q Shanty

    Q Shanty

    Enrico Pasquale

    2021: World Food Taste of America Top 30. 27TH WITH MY Wagyu Burger
    First Place Humphrey Smoker Video Challenge
    2020: World Food Championship Taste of America Massachusetts 3 Place Finish Dessert
    The Barbecue League Virtual Rib Cook Off 17th out of 137 teams
    2019: Culinary Fight Club Tailgate Boston Grand Champion in Judging 2nd in people choice

  • Robby Royal

    Rescue Smokers

    Robby Royal

    Sycamore, GA

    Flame Boss Team for 2 years
    2019, 2010, & 2008 GBA State Champion
    30+ – Grand Championships
    20+ – Reserve Grand Championships
    16 – Perfect Scores

  • Rylee Wright

    Rylee “Steak Princess” Wright

    2024 Smokeslam World Junior BBQ League Champ, Chicken and Ribs

    2021 SCA World Steak Championship Qualifier
    2022 SCA World Steak Championship Qualifier
    Rub Creator of Beauty and the Beef & Rapunzel’s Sweet Rapture

  • Dave Travis


    Dave Travis

    Flame Boss Sponsored team since 2020.
    Part of the Myron Mixon BBQ Team
    Podcast host for Que-Chat.

  • Smoke It Up

    Smoke It Up

    Mike Williams

    Flame Boss Team for 2 years
    Member of KCBS & FBA

  • Smokey’Licious Low ‘n’ Slow Barbecue

    Randy von Bannisseht


    The origin of Smokey’Licious BBQ dates back already 11 years ago, where two friends (Randy and Mark) found they had a similar interest. Randy already had some experience with BBQ as he used to be a chef. Mark was still new and the only BBQ he knew was grilling. After a first trial of low and
    slow ribs, they were hooked, and never stopped since then. From this moment on Smokey’Licious was born and uses every spare moment by trying new recipes and techniques.

  • Team Schluchtengriller BBQ

    Team Schluchtengriller BBQ

    Martin Schneider

    2020 – Results
    7th place KCBS Team of the Year 2020 EUROPE
    5th out of 102 in the EBCC rankings
    198th out of 1128 in the world rankings
    2020 – Austrian BBQ Championship:
    Overall RGC
    1st Place Brisket
    2nd place RIbs

  • Tim Shelburn

    Tim Shelburn

    Backyard Grillmaster

    Springfield, MO

    World Food Championships Competitor
    KCBS Competition Experience

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