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Our controllers are Wi-Fi enabled smart smoker temperature control units for your smoker. They work with kamado-style cookers as well as offset, drum, and cabinet smokers. Make sure you double-check our compatibility guide to get the right controller for your smoker.

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Flame Boss

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All device configuration, from WiFi setup to meat and pit temperature settings, can be controlled completely from the Flame Boss mobile app for iOS & Android. Keep track of your cooks from anywhere with your mobile or smart home device.

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Not only do the Flame Boss FB500s help us produce Championship bbq, we also use them in our catering business. Being able to set our temps and walk away knowing our pits will run exactly where we want them and allowing us to focus on everything else really does make things easier and more productive.

7 Sins BBQ

Awesome product! It has turned my Big Green Egg from a slightly finicky smoker to a hassle free oven!! Set the Flame Boss 400 and forget it!! It’s that simple. Plus Flame Boss has great technical support and great customer service! Buy one you won’t regret it! My son loves the one I got him as well.

Michael Fleming

We rode our FB500’s to Reserve Grand in DeSoto, KS this weekend. When I woke up at 3:30am Saturday morning it had gotten so cold out that my FB’s had a covering of frost over them, fired em and they just rocked all day. Love them things!

High I Que BBQ Team

The customer service and Flame Boss controller is exemplary. They believe in going above and beyond to support their products. I would recommend it to all my friends.

Satisfied customer via Survey Monkey

The temperature regulation is the best that I have observed to date. The price is lower than most of its competitors and the quality of the unit and the temperature probes is good. Overall, this unit gets a Gold Medal for ease of use and performance. Review

It will ensure you have a perfect cook without having to stand next to your grill ALL DAY.

Robin Lindars Review

I've been using the Flame Boss 500 for almost a year. The overall build of the fan, head unit and probes are second to none in the industry. Pair that high quality product with an epic customer service team and the math equals Flame Boss.

Craig Tabor

Live Fire Chef Author World Food Championships 2017 & 2018

Playing with Fire BBQ Emporium

I have had this device for a little over two weeks now. Performance is exactly as expected.


Published on The Home Depot


You never really know when you are using equipment for the first time in a comp. These results (Flame Boss 500) speak for themselves.

Robby Royal

BBQ Pitmasters Champion Rescue Smokers BBQ Team


Consistency in temperature from cook to cook is crucial to my success on the BBQ circuit. That’s why I rely on Flame Boss controllers to help me tame my flame.

Tina Cannon

Pitmaster, The Pit Crew BBQ Team


Take your ceramic charcoal grill to the next level! The Flame Boss 500 is super simple to set up to get your smoke rolling. This is the only way that I control my fire for cooking Brisket, Ribs and Pork Butts. With the Flame Boss, I simply set the temps and enjoy my day biking with my boys or whatever. Control your Flame, Enjoy your Life!

Chad Romzek

Owner/Creator Kick Ash Basket

Kick Ash Basket

We LOVE the Flame Boss 500! It's a small, compact unit and we really enjoy seeing all the information displayed on the large screen. We trust it for our most valuable cookouts and it's definitely one of the best automatic pit controllers you'll find! AAA+

Robert Rumolo

Owner, Dickson Barbeque Center

Dickson Barbeque Center

The Flame Bosses worked perfect as always, even more so since we had a contest close to our home and brought out the big toys this time with our Stump clone. The Flame Boss keeps this ~700 pound monstrosity within a single degree deviation from the set temp, what a luxury.


Team Schluchtengriller


The manufacturer describes the product as “cruise control for your smoker,” and I can’t think of a better way to describe it.

Mark Jenner

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