How to Use the WiFi Thermometer

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Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer

The newest solution for improving your outdoor grilling experience, the Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer works with a grill, smoker, oven, and stovetop to monitor up to four separate temperatures at once, offering a clear reading on the LCD display or the Flame Boss mobile app.

If you’re thinking about purchasing this product or have just recently done so, we have a few tips and tricks for using it to its fullest potential:

Understand the Home Screen’s Display

Knowing the layout of the home screen is essential for monitoring whatever you’re grilling, smoking, or cooking. This interface:

  • Displays a single or up to four individual temperatures simultaneously. A circle will appear around the corresponding probe identification number.
  • Offers information about battery life and your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Gives you updates on connectivity: If it’s in Access Point (AP) mode, the thermometer is communicating with your mobile device. In ST mode, a solid icon indicates the device is reliably connected to your Wi-Fi network and the Flame Boss server; if flashing, it is attempting to connect to these sources.

What Does the Setup Button Do?

Press and release to switch from ST to AP mode and back again. Also an option for resetting the thermometer, the button must be held down for a minimum of five seconds.

Probe Placement

With a cooking grate: Slide the probe into the included grate clip. Then, slide the grate clip in between the grate.

With a food probe: To monitor the meat’s temperature, insert the multipurpose probe into the thickest portion of the cut, taking care to avoid any bone. For an accurate temperature reading, the probe should be inserted at least ½ of an inch into the meat.

Care & Storage

Cleaning the WiFi Thermometer: After use, take a damp washcloth or paper towel and fully wipe the grease and any residue from the display.

Storage: To avoid damage to the wires, remove the WiFi Thermometer’s probes and then wrap them around the probe organizer.

Recommended Accessories

The Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer should ideally be used with a grill grate.

Smart Home Assistant Commands

You’ll first need to download your device’s respective app – Amazon Alexa, or Google Home or Assistant. With your Alexa, you’ll need to add the WiFi Thermometer as a skill and enable it through the app.

To use the WiFi Thermometer in conjunction with your Alexa, you’ll need to use the following commands:

  • Alexa, open Flame Boss
  • Alexa, ask Flame Boss for the temperatures
  • Alexa, ask Flame Boss for the Meat 1 temperature

If using with Google Home, your commands will be:

  • Ok Google, talk to Flame Boss
  • Ok Google, ask Flame Boss for the temperatures
  • Ok Google, ask Flame Boss for the Meat 2 temperature