2020 Gift Guide for Grill Lovers

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Flame Boss 500 Kamado with Universal Blower Assembly (Combo)

Gifts for Grill Lovers: The Flame Boss Holiday Gift Guide

It can be hard shopping for a grill master. Those without much experience over an open flame or a smoker often have trouble finding the right gifts for those who spend all their spare summer hours tending them.

That’s where the Flame Boss Grilling Men’s Gift Guide comes in. We’ve picked up some of the coolest holiday gifts for dads who like to grill so you can make them happy on Christmas morning, birthdays or Father’s Day. They’re perfect for ladies who like to fire up the smoker, too. Check out our unique grilling gifts and help make the next summer cookout one to remember.

Flame Boss 500 Kamado Kit with Universal Blower Assembly

If you know someone who’s relatively new to smoking meats or has been doing it the old-fashioned way, this complete smoker temperature controller kit has everything they need to step up their cooking game. This BBQ grill gift set includes our Flame Boss 500 WiFi controller along with a universal blower and Kamado adapter plates. They’ll be able to hook it to most drum, cabinet, offset and Kamado smokers. You also receive meat probes, cable organizers, a power supply and all hardware for setup.

Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer

Track the temperature of any outdoor or indoor cooking with this wireless meat thermometer. It has ports for monitoring up to four temperatures at once when using a smoker, grill, oven or stovetop. Track these temperatures on the large digital display or on your phone with the Flame Boss mobile app (available for both iOS and Android). No internet connection is needed! The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for more than 18 hours – long enough to smoke a whole hog.

Flame Boss Smoker Adapters

Know someone with a specialty smoker that doesn’t accept regular controllers? Our stainless steel smoker adapter plates are one of our favorite grilling accessories gifts. There’s the Backwoods Smoker Adapter for using our temperature controllers with the Chubby or Party models, the Meadow Creek Smokers adapter, a drum smoker adapter for Gateway or Oklahoma Joe models and Kamado adapters for the Vision Pro series. Manifold and mounting adapters are available as well to fit their new Flame Boss controller to any smoker.

Smoker Thermometer Probes

Many modern smoker controllers and thermometers can track multiple temperatures – but your resident grill master may need more probes to take advantage of this. New Flame Boss high-temperature probes are great holiday gifts for dad if he likes to cook up a storm. We sell both pit probes and meat probes with right-angle plugs or straight plugs. Order several different colors of thermometer probes to help your grilling guy or gal keep track of everything at a glance.

Rub Bottles

Grilling Spices and Rubs Gift Set

One of the most practical grilling gift ideas for any outdoor cooking fanatic is a good set of rubs, spices, sauces and/or marinades. Get a look at what’s already in their cupboard or spice rack and stock them back up for another season. Or pick out some new grill rubs and sauces gifts – serious grillers love to experiment! There are many different options out there for making brisket, pulled pork, chicken thighs or baked beans sing. Check our Videos & Recipes section if you’re looking for some ideas. You can even include the recipe in your gift box.

Stainless Steel Grill Baskets

The normal grill grate is fine for slabs and strips of meat. But what if you want to cook other things outside? A variety of rectangle and square grill baskets are available that add versatility to the pit. These grilling gifts for him make it easier to grill or smoke cubed meat, shrimp, French fries, vegetables and other dishes. Stainless grill baskets are great for camping and are easy to clean when you’re done.

Charcoal Ash Bucket

Many veteran grillers prefer to use charcoal for its superior smoky flavor and fast searing power. However, some are scared by the hassle and potential danger of cleanup. A steel ash bucket with a shovel makes it easier and safer to dispose of the coals after your cooking is done. Charcoal briquettes can need up to two days to completely cool; storing them in a disposal bucket helps prevent spills, burns and accidental fires during that time.

A New Cooler

When someone is manning a hot grill, they need to stay cool. Coolers are great grilling gifts for men, women and children who enjoy a good cookout. They’re a great place to keep cold beverages as well as condiments and side dishes. Those who take barbecue on the go to a campground, beach or park will appreciate a large cooler that holds all their meats and drinks so everyone can grill and chill.

Grilling Apparel

Some of our favorite gifts for people who like to grill are ones that help them dress the part. A classic cooking apron is always a fine choice, especially if it’s personalized for the recipient. Insulated cooking gloves are another practical option. Neoprene heavy-duty gloves let people handle meat directly on the smoker without burns or grease stains. Even something as simple as a Flame Boss hat adds some style to your barbecuing buddy. Whatever you choose, you’re certain to deliver a smile to the recipient.