The New Flame Boss 400 – Product Features and Differences Between Previous Models

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Flame Boss 400

Since Flame Boss began manufacturing temperature control devices in 2014, we have strived to deliver on our mission to “bring joy to cooking through connected devices that make life easier.” Some of the ways we achieve this is by listening to customer feedback and suggestions, then implementing those suggestions; and also by introducing new products into the marketplace. By the end of 2018, we hope to have three new products released, the first of which will be the Flame Boss 400.

While the design of the 400 is a diversion from previous models which had a separate blower and controller, the price point of the 400 will help make quality temperature control widely accessible through a more affordable solution. We were able to achieve this by making the device “headless”– by combining the PCB with the blower itself, to comprise a single unit. There will be no LCD display on the WiFi enabled 400, so through the Flame Boss mobile app you will you will use your phone display and buttons as the interface to set up WiFi, configure pit and meat temp settings, view your graphs, set alarms, etc. The device will start up in AP (Access Point) mode, and you will still be able to use the device in AP mode if you don’t have internet access or you lose the WiFi signal. If the WiFi signal is lost, the device will continue to function according to the temperature settings it captured prior to the signal being lost.

Other notable differences between the 400 and our previous models are: the compact design of the 400 controls one meat probe and does not support use of a y-cable, compared to the 300 where you could monitor up to three meat temperatures with the use of y-cables. The power cord, meat and pit probe plug into ports on the bottom of the blower, refer to picture provided below. The blower on both the 400 Kamado and Universal is 12.8 CFMs, in contrast to the 300 Kamado which had a 6 CFM blower, and 15 CFM on the 300 Universal. Lastly, the MSRP on the 300 is $349, compared to the 400 MSRP of $219.

Also note the end of the blower on the 400 is square, and attaches into our various adapters for Kamado’s and Universal’s; refer to the installation images provided below.

Our intent with the 400 was to complement the existing product line, and offer a product that was more affordable and widely accessible to those on different cooking levels. The 400 still delivers the same patented, precise temperature control PID algorithm utilized in all our previous models. But for all you Flame Boss fans who need the ability to temp more than one meat at once, and enjoy the readout on the controller – not to worry. We have something in the works for you as well, which is hot on the heels of the 400 release.

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