“The temperature regulation is the best that
I have observed to date.”

The price is lower than most of its competitors and the quality of the unit and the temperature probes is good. Overall, this unit gets a Gold Medal
for ease of use and performance.
-Amazingribs.com: Read Full Review


“I have had this device for a little over two weeks now. Performance is exactly as expected.”

keeps my green egg at whatever temperature I set on the device. The algorithm that controls the temperature works quite nicely. If I open up the lid and close it the temperature will automatically stabilize after it calculates at which point turn on the fan. I have not had any issues with my probes and the temperature seems fairly accurate for both the smoker and the food. I have several times set the temperature and put on a brisket late at night, and it will keep the exact temperature all night long. All in all it is a handy addition to my Smoker. It fit easily on my green egg. My wife used to hate eating my smoked foods because they didn’t cook right. Now she loves to eat my brisket!
 -Steph: Published on The Home Depot