Firmware Updates up to 1.58

We just released another firmware update, 1.58.

Most tech companies don’t talk publicly about how they go about detecting and fixing bugs in their software, but they should, because it is an important factor in the quality of any software-based product. Here’s one technique we employ.

Flame Boss software (aka “firmware”) runs hundreds of software integrity checks every second. If a check fails then a few important things happen:

  1. The device saves some information about the error to its permanent storage.
  2. It resets so it can get back to controlling your smoker in a healthy state with minimal delay (1-2 seconds)
  3. The next time the device connects to the server it sends the error information so we can analyze the failure and fix it.

Most changes we have published recently have been fixes from using this process. One exception is a problem that a customer reported about WEP passwords. Few people use it anymore but if you do, now it will work for any valid password.

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