Firmware Releases

Flame Boss is always striving to improve your cooking experiences and sometimes that means updating the software that runs on your controller (aka, firmware). Unless you uncheck the Auto Update Firmware box under Profile -> Your Controller -> Settings, your controller will update automatically. If you’re hungry for more details about the firmware updates, here you go!

How to determine your firmware version

Enter the “Other Menu” (last item in the main menu) and then go to the last screen titled “Version”.

Version 3.00

  1. Support new Flame Boss 400 controller
  2. Bug fixes

Version 2.08

  1. Fixed Network Mask input for Static IP configuration settings
  2. Support spaces in SSID when using browser provisioning
  3. Bug fixes and other minor enhancements

Version 2.07

  1. Bug fixes

Version 2.06

  1. Removed unnecessary factory reset to improve ease of use
  2. Local connection support
  3. Custom discovery protocol for finding controllers automatically on LAN
  4. mDNS or Bonjour support (but only works for 5 minutes after controller joins network due to issue with WiFi module)
  5. Alerts for probe and controller over-temp conditions
  6. Bug fixes and other minor enhancements

Version 2.02-2.05

  1. Added back the maximum open pause setting (find it in Other Menu) so users can set the maximum time that the controller will stay in open pit mode.
  2. Added bug fixes and other minor enhancements.

Version 2.01

  1. Replaced the open pause setting with a zero-configuration open-close method.
  2. Modified the screens and menu flow to accomodate more features.
  3. Added AP-mode provisioning that works with mobile apps (iPhone now, Android soon, on FB200v2 and FB300 models only).
  4. Added support for advanced network settings, including static IP network configuration and showing IP and MAC addresses.
  5. Added hide-PIN option. When configured, the controller stops showing WiFi status on first connect, and quits showing the PIN when WiFi status is shown at other times.
  6. Added browser provisioning for configuring WiFi in AP mode or station mode from any device with a web browser (for FB200v2 and FB300 models only).
  7. Added bug fixes and other minor enhancements.

Version 2.00

  1. Started logging data to flash while controller is offline (FB200v2+ controllers only)
  2. Bug fixes

Version 1.95

  1. Bug fixes

Version 1.94

  1. Fixed validation of meat alarm temps, broken in 1.93

Version 1.93

  1. Improved validation of AP list input from wifi module to prevent crashes on lines not formatted correctly

Version 1.92

  1. Supports Flame Boss 300 access point mode provisioning
  2. Improved wifi scanning to avoid crashing when wifi module sends improperly formatted scan results
  3. Upgraded ARM toolchain for improved diagnostic capability

Version 1.23-1.91

Various changes to improve your Flame Boss experience.

Version 1.22

  1. To help keep users’ WLAN passwords secure, hide WLAN passwords by hiding all but the last two characters.
  2. Fix to handle wifi passwords longer than 16 characters.
  3. Save configuration for last three WLANs that were configured or connected so users do not have to re-enter passwords for up to 3 WLANs.
  4. For non-hidden SSIDs use the security type of the scanned SSID entry if it is different from the one configured, after trying to connect to the configured WLANs. This essentially auto-corrects (slowly) the wifi configuration if user entered the wrong security type. If the controller connects with the scanned security type, the scanned security type replaces the configured security type so future connections are faster (tried before scanning).
  5. Show WLAN connected and DHCP connected states separately in wifi status view to help diagnose WLAN connectivity issues.
  6. Doubled frequency of wifi task to make downloads run faster.
  7. Upgrade Texas Instruments wifi module (CC3000) firmware to patch level 1.32.
  8. Show more information when in open wait mode including the time left before normal operation resumes.
  9. Add the firmware version screen to the menu.
  10. Lower max set temp to 450 F to help protect temperature probes.

Version 1.16

The initial release of Flame Boss 200.